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Comment by Angela Carley on March 2, 2010 at 14:57
thank you Christopher.
Anyone know the website he refers to in the video? I'd like to join those meditations.
Comment by Maria on March 2, 2010 at 13:18
I have kept thinking about the coments on danger. I have worked on my chakra for years without expert advice, I even opened them a sacred sites without expert advice, yet I am still here and OK.
Comment by Maria on March 2, 2010 at 13:07
Thanks Chris
Comment by Brenda Teagarden on March 2, 2010 at 11:40
What is the website address? Does anyone know?
Comment by Donna Harcos on March 2, 2010 at 10:15
Hi Chris: Thanks for this post - interesting and helpful info.
Comment by maria teresa flores on March 2, 2010 at 9:39
Comment by Hohongwitutiwa on March 2, 2010 at 8:04
Ngungu'taota, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

My brothers and sisters, we live in a time when many people want results now; when popping a "pill" is thought to be all we need for quick and easy results. But this idea can be very dangerous. Opening our inner gateways before we have sufficiently purified our minds/emotions, and sufficiently strengthened our physical bodies invite disasters. Nature naturally opens our gateways when we are ready, when it is safe for the petals to open.

The '60s are rife with stories of those who forced open their gateways before they were ready for the energies they unleashed, causing uncontollable sexual impulses, insanity, and even death.

My advice is to live as good a life as you can, filling your minds with loving, unselfish thoughts, and noble feelings, and your bodies with healthful foods, while getting proper rest, sunshine, and exercise. With faith and patience you will be walking a safe road that nature intends for us, up the mountain of higher awareness and at-onement.

Offered with an open-hand.

with love and respect,
Comment by sheena ann baker on March 2, 2010 at 7:52
Very interesting and very informative
Thank you Christopher
Love sheena
Comment by paula on March 2, 2010 at 7:35
Very interesting video thanks for sharing Christopher.
Christina you left some wonderful information below. I was using frankinsense in a burner last week and developed a cold afterwards, but I usually take that as a good sign! its fantastic to have this added information, it really is much appreciated
Comment by Cristina Rose Campbell on March 2, 2010 at 7:16
Molecules of essential oil are picked up by the nasal cavity, carried past the pineal and pituitary glands right to the smell sensory cortex. Every endocrine gland in the brain is affected simultaneously and instantly within microseconds of the inhalation of essential oil molecules. Research at Cornell University in 1989 demonstrated that the only stimulus that triggered a response in the amygdala was smell. The amygdala is the gland that controls sexual drive, desire and appetite, as well as trauma, flight and fear. When this gland is stimulated, old experiences often come to the surface.

Crown Chakra (Pineal Gland) / “I KNOW” / Element: THOUGHT
Frankincense works immediately (as in, it begins working when you open the cap) on opening the Pineal Gland, which many believe is the connection that opens one to Spirit communication and communion with your Higher Power. Prayerfully anoint your crown with one drop neat (direct application), put one drop on hands, activate the oil’s frequency by stirring with fingertips clockwise 3x, cup hands over nose/mouth; inhale 3x.
Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)
Also known as "olibanum," or "Oil from Lebanon" the name frankincense is derived from the Medieval French word for "real incense." Frankincense is considered the "holy anointing oil" in the Middle East and has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It was well known during the time of Christ for its anointing and healing powers and was one of the gifts given to Christ at His birth. "Used to treat every conceivable ill known to man," frankincense was valued more than gold during ancient times, and only those with great wealth and abundance possessed it. It is mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records, Ebers Papyrus (dating from sixteenth century BC) an ancient Egyptian list of 877 prescriptions and recipes.
Medical Properties: Antitumoral, immunostimulant, antidepressant, muscle relaxing.

USES: Depression, cancer, respiratory infections, inflammation, immune-stimulating.

Fragrant Influence: Increases spiritual awareness, promotes meditation, improves attitude and uplifts spirits. Frankincense contains sesquiterpenes which stimulate the limbic system of the brain (the center of memory and emotions) and the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. The hypothalamus is the master gland of the human body, producing many vital hormones including thyroid and growth hormone.

Application: (1) Apply 2-4 drops on location, (2) chakras/vitaflex points, (3) directly inhale, (4) diffuse, or (5) take as dietary supplement

An oil high in sesquiterpenes which means it can affect the emotion centre of the brain. It also encourages the pineal gland to release melatonin which fosters deep sleep. Breathe in this oil during times of congestion, coughs, and bronchitis.

This beautiful blend stimulates the mind, compelling it to open and accept new things in life, allowing one to reach a higher potential. It also helps to overcome procrastination and denial.
Neroli (Citrus aurantium) was used by the ancient Egyptians for healing the mind, body, and spirit. It is stabilizing and strengthening to the emotions, promoting peace, confidence, and awareness. It brings everything into focus.
Sandalwood (Santalum album) is high in sesquiterpene compounds which stimulate the pineal gland and the limbic region of the brain, the center of emotions and memory. It is used traditionally in yoga and meditation.

Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) helps cleanse the liver and lymphatic system helping to overcome anger and negative emotions; promotes a feeling of self-control.

Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) is high in linalool, which has a relaxing, empowering effect.

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) helps balance hormones and discharge toxins from the liver, where fear and anger are stored.

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) is considered holy anointing oil and has been used in

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