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Comment by Helen Hutton on May 2, 2012 at 19:30

Information in the Holographic Universe

Now this part was way over my head,lol, please explain,

hugs Helen

Comment by Helen Hutton on May 2, 2012 at 19:06

wow,and double wow,

Put quite simply, it ceases to exist. As the religions of the East have long upheld, the material world is Maya, an illusion, and although we may think we are physical beings moving through a physical world, this too is an illusion. We are really "receivers" floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency, and what we extract from this sea and transmogrify into physical reality is but one channel from many extracted out of the superhologram

That is incredible,then reading shows clearly that we are what we think about all day,we program our reality and so we can change it ,but,everyone elses thoughts also create our reality because we are all connected,so we all need to stop thinking we have to die and/or suffer,then death and suffering would be no more,Now the hard part,how do we all stop programming  ourselves to live this life with suffering and also to lose love ones to death,i want to stop this illusion of death and have another reality of living in love and harmony,where there is no cancer and/or disease, and i also want to have a visit from my deceased MUM,MMMMM,i think i will go back and read it all again,than you so much  Reginald,,,,more,,,,,more,,lol,

 hugs Helen


Comment by Sally on May 2, 2012 at 18:09

some of my past life visions first one I saw me as an egyptian woman excited my daughter was getting married , I knew I was a very kind woman actually saw her twice , saw myself as a man three times a young gay man, one from renaissiance period , and a oriental warrior I killed many people with a sword, a scary witch and I actually saw her standing by my bedside over me dark magic, I know I lived during the time of Jesus Christ and can tell you he did NOT die on the cross, during the time of Hilter, woke one morning hearing a woman's voice calling Gilgamesh didn't even know who that was had to look it up online not for sure on the connection there other than I lived during his lifetime and must have known him plus a few more ...I believe I have lived thousands of lives not only on this planet but incarnated on most likely all in the universe I have been told my home planet is Sirius which makes sense with some of my experiences I have had that's about it

Comment by Reginald Reeves on May 2, 2012 at 16:34

The answer to your other questions are as follows Helen, as far as I know of.

Mind you that this is just my own opinion and some of it I have actual proof of.

We will speak of that another time.

As I have come to understand, there is not that much difference between us (humans) and them (ET's) here is what I mean. There have been ET's here for hundredes of thousands of years. Maybe even millions of years. Our earth is something like a test planet or should I say, pilot program terra firma. We think that humans have been the only ones experimented on throughout history. This is not the case. We and many other creatures here on earth have been experimented on since we showed up so to speak. Neanderthal man did not just become exstinct or die off. Lets say that they where retrofitted via some biological re engineered as many other species on our planet have done the same. Charles Darwin was kind of right in a way when he suggested that evolution created our next evolution steps. Actually, we where more or less biologically changed over the last few million years to the level of evolution that we are in right now.

In short, "we had a lot of help" in the paper that I first learned to understand there is a research result that I found very interesting and it is about a woman back in the early 50's who was put under hypnosis and while she was in this state, her theropist asked her to recall some information as she regressed deep into her past. Something really wild happened, while she regressed all the way back to a prehystoric period about 75 or 100 million years ago, she began to tell the therapist about what she looked like then and she told him that she was a bright orange and brilliant blue. She gave him a very vivid  description of what she looked like and stunned the researchers like never before. What was funny was that at the time of this experiment, no palientoligist or zooligist had no clue that preahistoric creatures or should I say dinosaur actually had color variations. So how did this woman who barely knew what a T Rex was could have possibly known that dinosaurs actually lived in a world full of vibrant colors all around them as well as being colorful themselves. What amazed researchers even more was that this woman with no understanding of what the world looked like 75 to 100 million years ago managed to describe exactly what many scientist did not find out for at least 15 to 20 years after this experiment was conducted. This experiment has been done hundreds of times all around the world by many different scientist and many of them found more and more information from other people who helped reveal lots more scientific information in the last 40 or 50 years.

You can read about this experiment here

Also be mindful that this will help you to see what scientific around the world are starting to understand one by one.

I have known this for at least 15 years now.

That does not make me smarter than most scientist, it just makes me more aware faster.

As you will be aware faster also, once you read and understand this new scientific paradigm.

This will also help you to understand how your reality can get manipulated by your 5 senses as well.


Peacefully given to help everyone become enlightened.

Each one teach one. 

Comment by Helen Hutton on May 2, 2012 at 16:09

OOps,my grammer was a bit off,sorry ,i meant are there really Aliens on this planet and if so,what do they want,lol, sorry,thank you Reginald for the introduction to Paula Botwinick,

Hi Paula i pose these questions to you with a deep need to know that we humans are really moving forward spiritually

hugs helen

Comment by Paula Botwinick on May 2, 2012 at 15:20

Hi Helen,

I am not really that knowledgeable in Crystal Science. I have a few books, I own some crystals, I use them in meditation at times but certainly not an expert.

Nor do I know that much about DNA crystals, I am not a scientist, I am however a horticulturist.

But very glad to meet you and appreciate Regg's kind words.


Comment by Reginald Reeves on May 2, 2012 at 14:56

Hi Helen.

I am going to introduce you to a OV member who has a whole lot of wisdom and world knowledge as well. She is very good at Crystal Sciences and is in much better shape to answer your question about DNA and Crystals etc...

Paula Botwinick, meet Helen Hutton.

Crystal knowledge is one of Paula's specialities.

Sometimes I think Paula is an original Alantanian because she knows so much about crystals that I can't keep up with her.


So how about it Paula ?

What do you think this DNA change that all of us are experiencing is actually doing to us ?

Ok kids,  lets see how well we put our heads together for this one ?


Love and respect is always within arms reach as long as we are in OV.

Comment by Paula Botwinick on May 2, 2012 at 12:06


Love that McKenna video you posted.  Appreciate the supreme court decision that a plant can not be patent.  We have many natural plants here on earth to assist us in levels of consciousness and well being.  His textural vocabulary is creative.

Are you considering Ayahuasca?  Just kidding. You have an opened mind already.

I appreciate the video Chris posted as well, especially the warning to avoid too much news. I am super sensitive to the environment and I find myself often grieving in the present insanity our world is in, with the environmental disasters and crazy political fighting entrenched in corruption and cruelty.  

Comment by Helen Hutton on May 2, 2012 at 11:56

Sally Jane,could you share your past life visions with us

Reginald being a  crystal (silicon based) species ,what does that imply for our future? will it stop people dying from cancer and other insidious illnesses,will it take away death,and will it help the elderly turn young or stong again,

We need some massive changes on this Earth,we need to heal everyone of the fear  that robs one of the simple trust that is needed to live in this world of chaos

Is there E.T's ,i know there is,but what do they want

Is George Bush Evil Obama?lately i am loosing trust in the fact that all will be well with our world,

Is planet x real,where do we get this information from that will confirm that what i believe is right

Any body else having troubles with being a doubting thomas,or is this part of the ascension too.

I have had head pressure and burning scalp for weeks with no apparent reason,i am also sooky la la, out of the blue,pheww,sadness so deep,and i do not suffer from depression,what is going on,

hugs Helen

Comment by Sue Ryan on May 2, 2012 at 9:27

Sally Jane - I have also been feeling the head pressure you describe.  My understanding that as we change from carbon to a crystal (silicon based) species this enables the process of alchemy (Ascension) to be undertaken in a much safer way.  Thoth (Hermes) visiting you is very relevant as the author of the alchenical process (emerald tablet).

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