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Comment by maria teresa flores on March 1, 2010 at 9:47
Thanks, Cris for this video
best to you
Comment by Lisa Brown on February 26, 2010 at 13:28
I would love to have my chant avaliable to me at any given time. How can I get it done. Wow Im enhanced some how. That was amazing. Thank you
Comment by Lola Reinhart on February 26, 2010 at 13:26
Thank You So Much Christoper! That was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and in my favorite color! Love and Blessings, Lola
Comment by paula on February 26, 2010 at 8:58
just love it!
Comment by Jim Kunkel on February 26, 2010 at 4:39
Margaret, thanks for sharing the Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung. Very cool!
Comment by Anja Vedrussa on February 26, 2010 at 0:14
And you listen to this every day building a picture in your mind about how things are. Who is making violent movies, who is giving you false news on Tv or radio, who puts this in the mind of every child every single day of their life.
how did they take over your life so easily?. Yes because you belived them or somebody else. The litterature you are reading, letting bad movies in your living room, listening to all complaints, complaining about your life to others , thinking you are not enought. WAKE UP!!! All of you, SWEDS NORWEGENS AERICANS, FRENCH , POLISH RUSSIAN ALL PEOPLE OF THIS EARTH, go the FOREST listen to the sounds of true God, shut down the TV and repetitive music saturated with all subliminals, pictures of destruction...wherever you put your ear to.

WAKE UP, Wake up!!. When did you see people battle???on TV...the only place for this terror in happening in your living room, on your coach
get to animals get to take care of gardens. Smile to each other,

Get out of violent games Warcfraft or any other, where they show you death and killing . By this you train your mind to be thie way! Beware. Stop being a slave for some freaks wanting a war and having you be a soldier , whether you want this or not. thiose you talk about terror these are the same who create IT!!!! NO eceptions to this rule!!
This is a way of molding a NEW UNHAPPY WORLD ORDER. Filled with chipped slaves...

Go back to nature to healthy sounds of rein birds singing, the wind blowing in trees, kissinf your eyes, watch an ant, spot the eagel flying ...go back to peace and love put your hands in soil plant a flower....and tend it well, give a hand to you elder...YOU ARE A HUMAN , not a virtual reality on your soffa.
Make your world happy place to live in FIRST and add your friends to it . IT IS UP TO YOU ENTIRELY. NO rescuse from outside. There aren´t ANY. Have never been there, unless you are a kid.

look at this opposite of life
Comment by Maria on February 26, 2010 at 0:12
Chanting your name calls your subtle bodies to you. A group of us tried this in a dome I can only say it was amazing, chanting in a circle is also very healing.
Comment by Anja Vedrussa on February 26, 2010 at 0:10
why this excerpt on the was ment fo something else..

but harmonics like this are used for the same mind programming described in the book. All this CIA stuff. A lot of such clips are spread on uyou tube to get you involved in something you don´t know what you ara calling forth. READ THIS BOOK for the sake of your soul
Comment by Anja Vedrussa on February 26, 2010 at 0:07

from the BOOK.

Do aliens from another planet exist? They may or may not. It is not
a real issue, we have to face what is already on this planet. Fritz has
several tapes of aliens of different types talking (which were
obtained from abduction survivors) and their voices sound demonic
and they are saying that they have been alive on this planet for
many years. One said something like he's been here on earth
500,000 years. If an alien has lived on this planet for 1/2 million
years, when does he get residence status. My!
If that is true, he is no alien--we are! But one thing is certain, this
planet contains some very slimy evil creatures who are either real
non-humans or very deceptive dark humans. The Bible calls them
demons and reprobate men. The four most popular origins of
supposed aliens on earth are all star groups relatively close to our
solar system. They are: the Plieades, known as the 7 or 9 sisters,
because their are 9 stars of which 7 are visible; Sirius, the dog
constellation; the Orion constellation; and the twin stars of Zeta
Reticuli, which twin stars were amazingly charted by Chinese
astrologers in 3,000 B.C.!
chapter_5 (8 of 15) [7/15/2000 7:59:17 PM]
Fritz, the co-author of this book kept an open mind on the issue,
could there be any benevolent aliens ? Some abductees believed
that their aliens were benevolent, but when they are debriefed they
admit that mind-control and sexual molestation is carried out by the
aliens. Fritz, has concluded with other investigators on this
question, there are no benevolent aliens , in fact the only aliens that
may be around are what have been known as demons. People who
have participated in high level Illuminati ceremonies report the
presence of creatures that look like the various aliens . (This whole
subject is dealt with in another book by Fritz Springmeier.)
Some points might be briefly brought out. Fritz has amassed a great
deal of evidence that the elite have human-built Flying Saucers.
Notice how the controlled media always link aliens with Flying
Saucers and UFOs? This is an entire book in itself, however, the
bottom line is that at least most (if not all) of the alien abductions
are simply part of the NWO s mind-control. It is obvious that for
various reasons (including the goals set down in the secret Iron
Mountain government report), the government (including
cooperating agencies like NASA) decided to use an alien abduction
theme rather than a Satanic Ritual Abuse theme to their
mind-control programming.
The major differences in the programming methodology is that the
blood rituals of the SRA are no longer used. The reason why blood
rituals are no longer needed is that the high-tech harmonic
machines (which implant thoughts-see chap. 6) and other high-tech
methods eliminate the need for the blood traumas. The victims of
alien abductions are taken at random, where the Illuminati victims
are abducted more frequently around ritual dates.
The person who believes in UFOs and aliens is going to receive the
same type of treatment as those who believe in Satanic Ritual
Abuse. The legal system and society at large are conditioned to
treat them as nuts. This protects their abusers. An Illuminati
hierarchy member described their magic goal of pursuing a spiritual
path through the finer frequencies of outer time. The alien
chapter_5 (9 of 15) [7/15/2000 7:59:17 PM]
programming is one way to experience this.
Island of

The following are samples of some of the people who the author
Fritz has spent time with, who on one level knew they needed help,
but didn t know just what they felt uneasy about.
Person 1: Had been abducted by aliens since she was a small child.
Different types of aliens took her. Her mother worked for the CIA
at Area 51. Her mother was abusive to her. One of her best friends
is a Monarch slav
Comment by Harleen kaur on February 25, 2010 at 23:29
This is something new and interesting. These sounds are stimulating agya chakra.Thanks for sharing.

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